Superb artist selection at GM Arts Prize 2016 in Manchester

Tracey Eastham (bottom centre) & Ian Rayer-Smith (right)

Sorry for the slight break from intermission... I got married this month so everything has been on hold! It's great to be back with a blog on my recent visit to the new Greater Manchester Summer Exhibition so keep reading to hear all about it.

There is such a high level of selection and curation at the new GM Arts Prize 2016 within the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce gallery space, that each piece of art sits proudly and distinctly on their own accord. Definitely none of them are lost within this sea of quality artwork.

Paintings and assemblage objects all embody a sculptural quality which sit comfortably together and as you walk around the exhibition you feel the narrative of earthy physicality falling into place. The
modern-day wooden architrave spanning the length and breadth of the gallery space showcases all the artworks in a fresh way considering the period features of the listed building it is housed in.

Numerous well-known Manchester-based artists have their work on display including Andrew Brooks (GM Arts Prize winner) for his photographic landscape piece ‘Field Piece - Odin’s Gully, 20.10.2015’, alongside paintings by another prizewinner Iain Andrews with ‘Glottkin’ 2016 and ‘Golem II’ 2015. Susan Gunn’s sublime cracked-tile sculptural painting ‘Ground: “Where Are We Now” (David Bowie)’ 2016 made of encaustic wax, natural earth pigment and gesso.

Lisa Denyer triumphs again with her visceral abstract painting ‘Forest’ 2016 alongside other nature-inspired sculptural objects. Jane Lawson’s ‘Atlas Shrugged After Detoxification’ 2015 combines a book, millet seed, sawdust and oyster mushrooms to create an other-worldly piece. Tracy Eastham’s ‘Unremembered Pleasure, 2016, displays a cloud of gold paper held in sculptural eternity in a visible, yet invisible, glass bell dome. ‘Dystopia’ 2015 by Jane Fairhurst conversely continues with her uniquely untamed natural environment.

Catching my heart and smiles were Mike Chavez-Dawson’s ‘Duchamp’s Ring, 2013 to 2017’. Cold cast porcelain urinals on rings are a class act and another special piece of art that the selectors of the Art Prize probably had no qualms in choosing.

The GM Arts Prize is open every Friday afternoon (1pm to 4pm) now until Friday 1st July.

Alistair Woods

Steph Shipley (left), Jane Fairhurst (centre) & Aaron Rawcliffe (right)

Ruby Tingle (left), Jane Lawson (bottom) and Alan Baker (right)

Susan Gunn (left) and Lisa Denyer (right)

Andrew Brooks

Iain Andrews

Mike Chavez-Dawson

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce
Elliot House
151 Deansgate
M3 3WD, Manchester

Please take note that your art may flourish from reading this blog :)


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