Become a Super Blogger

Thursday 7th & 14th June 2018
6pm to 9pm
£55 for both sessions
Brewery Arts Centre

Do you have a passion that you’d love to write about and also make it something that people would want to read. Get some great tips on how to set up your own blog. We’ll look at your branding, blog design, creating interesting content and taking the best photographs. We’ll even cover advertising, Google meta tags, social media and podcasts!

Session 1:

  • What is blogging? We look at examples of successful blogs. What would you like to write about. What is your passion. Who do you want to read your blog. We also look at ideas on how to gather inspiration. 
  • Next we look at different blogging platforms and how to set up your own blog. Looking at branding and blog design. What makes a good blog. Learn about meta-tags and search labels. 
  • Think about the types of content you want on your blog and learn how to create an editorial schedule. We discuss the importance of great imagery and end with more examples of successful blogs. 

Session 2:

  • Review: How is it going so far? We look at each person’s blog so far, discuss and analyse. 
  • Discover ways to drive additional traffic to your blog and learn how to integrate your blog with other marketing and social media including Facebook, Instagram and your own newsletters (MailChimp), etc. We look into how you can set up your own dedicated URL/website address. 
  • Have you considered advertising on your blog? How to get started through Google Analytics. We also look at other ways to generate income. Finally how many people read your blog and where do they come from. We’ll discuss how you can use this information to make your blog better in the future.

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