Liverpool delivers KAPUT and Looking North at Walker Art gallery

A potentially unlikely venue for a highly charged exhibition such as Kaput but the Walker's high forbidding walls act as a refuge for Benedict Drew's wild fluorescent imagery of Richard Branson surrounded by protruding orange cables, video streaming and psychedelic colours.

A crazily vivid imagination is what I would call Drew's installation drawing upon references to Branson's attempts at space tourism and our uncertain relationship with technology. Virgin spacecrafts soar across two screens and the sound reverberates across the room. Drew describes it as 'the horrors of the modern world' in the creation of this alien-ready digital construct. Your head beams from its radiant light penetrating the realms of an outer-body experience.

Moving onwards to Looking North brings you back to the inner-sanctum of Northern spirit starting with another local-worldly neon Softlad, you know you're back in familiar territory with Joe Fletcher Orr's 'Friendly Name for a Fool'. The slickly sophisticated enamel paintings of Jason Thompson sit on an opposite wall and will also make a fine addition to the Arts Council's existing collection.

The exhibition also features the dense graphite drawings of Mary Griffiths, a video and sound installation from Paul Rooney and contemporary ceramics by Jesse Wine.

Sorry these shows have now ended.

Walker Art Gallery
William Brown Street

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