PS Mirabel's MONO where monochrome is the name of the game



a photograph or picture developed or executed in black and white or in varying tones of only one colour.

MONO is the latest incarnation put together by Manchester based gallery and studios, PS Mirabel,  one of a monochromatic visual diversion. Gathering together an array of works by regional artists ranging from drawing, painting, printmaking, photography and sculpture. This new show is in direct contrast to last year's Spectrum which surprisingly enough focused on: colour.

You may not initially think there would be enough to wet your appetite but that's the beauty in grayscale that the sheer detail is enough to heighten your senses and really appreciate the techniques being used.

Monochromatic painting has been the cornerstone of modern art since the 20th century. The examination of just one colour and by choosing one colour alone artists could focus on total abstraction and spiritual unity.

Another purpose was to reduce a painting or sculpture down to its simplest form so that the focus would be on its pure physical properties - colour, form, texture or how the way it was made.

Covering a broad stream of physical properties (fluffiness, typography, pain, urban landscape, self-portraiture, geometry, reproduction, reflection, etc) I bring you images from MONO including contemporary examples created by Susan Gunn, Gary Andrew Clarke, Roger Bygott, Sandra Bouguerch, Sophy King, Arthur Roberts, Louise Garman, Alex Nelu, Jane Fairhust, Marion Jones, Axel Bottenberg, myself and many others.

On until 18th February

P.S. Mirabel
Mirabel St, Manchester, M3 1PJ

Please take note that your art may flourish from reading this blog :)


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