Culmination of several month's work in new Residency Showcase

If you're not aware I held a one-off Residency Showcase yesterday at The Gallery at St Georges in Bolton, Manchester. After several months of working in the space, I finally had the chance to display a new selection of artwork including new photographic pieces.

To explain more behind my practise ethos, here is the in-depth overview...

Jenny Drinkwater: A Natural Dis-order
(2nd Floor)

"Opening concurrently with Landmarks and Boundaries, we are delighted to introduce a one-off residency show by visual artist Jenny Drinkwater.

Manmade marks can be seen everywhere, in everything. Every landscape is a blend of humankind and nature, the very shape of the land has been modified in a thousand ways. After several months working in the spaces at St George’s House, the artist has put forward a new body of paintings, sculpture and photography that looks at this disruption.

Awarded a Full Circle Arts bursary in June 2016, Drinkwater manipulates a new photograph series both visually and physically. An emphasis on nature taking back what is rightfully theirs. Urban signs, just one indelible mark on the landscape made by humankind, are forgotten and lost in the realms of nature. Her use of colour, shape and line highlights the manufactured state of the landscape. Cellophane strips of colour into carefully composed arrangements, or layers, underscores the many reiterations of the landscape. Diverting our attention from the misuse of the environment, signified in her abuse of the image through a bleaching process and paint marks on its surface.

The constructed elements in her paintings refer to the constructed mechanics of the landscape, whilst signifying nature’s ability to shift and change. It is this paradox that features heavily in the artist’s practise.

This new body of work yields its own set of signs and symbols which when grouped together begins to form its own new terrain, part of an ensemble of elements that is under continuous creation and alteration."

I've enjoyed every moment of my time at St Georges and look forward to my continual explorations into the landscape. 

I leave you with images from the Showcase...

Please take note that your art may flourish from reading this blog :)


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