Expect the Unexpected in ‘Realism on the Edge' at PS Mirabel

Artist and curator of the exhibition ‘Realism on the Edge’, Axel Bottemberg, would rather you leave your pre-conceptions at the door when you enter his exhibition at Manchester based studios and gallery space, PS Mirabel.

Figurative art definitely need not be boring in his eyes.

It can be haunting, edgy and dark entering a weird and wonderful world deep in thought and imagination wielding a brush to convey a multitude of story and narration. Characters come alive much to your alarm as you walk past the clusters of maimed cuddly toys from artist Jane Fairhurst and disturbing beings as can only be seen in your nightmares by painter Ilona Kiss. Dismembered
doll arms and ethereal girl puppet drawings swathed in her own hot pink string by PAPER gallerist and artist David Hancock.

Reach into the further depths of the space to Axel’s life-size self-portraits next to a pile of guns stacked up against the wall. In one of Axel’s portraits a gun lies ominously at his feet. Clown make-up disguises his features and couldn’t be a more prominent reminder of the recent scary clown sightings happening across the world. Another nod to worldly concerns are Raul Loya’s scenes of Mexican death and survival - brutal and animalistic.


Also don’t miss PAPER Gallery’s latest exhibition featuring the nine artists to take part in a 10 month mentoring programme. There are dazzling examples of their work which has propelled many of them to a national stage.


Paper Gallery

Both on until 5th November

PAPER & PS Mirabel
14 Mirabel Street
M3 1NG

Open every Saturday 11-5pm

Please take note that your art may flourish from reading this blog :)


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