Comic Fest treats audiences to a reimagining of Beatrix Potter

Box 1: Introducing... The Lakes International Comic Festival 

(rapturous audience applause)

Last weekend's annual Comic Fest hosted a bevvy of award-winning comic book creators, filmmakers, novelists and illustrators. Aspiring student illustrators were invited to enter a competition and select entries put on display to an unsuspecting public...

Box 2: Could these budding illustrators re-interpret the iconic Beatrix Potter tales in a comic art style? 

(Duh duh duhhhh)

Box 3: Twisted, bizarre, the weird and wonderful... what could the judges expect to see?

(Death, mutilation, severed limbs?)
(Audience gasps)

Box 4: Welcome 'Marv the Magpie' my very own comic book style illustration and in true Beatrix Potter spirit

(Yes I entered!)

Box 5: Personal insight: I drew, hand-coloured using watercolour paints, then scanned to create individual story pages

(Whooping cheers of delirious excitement from the audience)

Box 6: The chosen works now hang in a final display at Kendal Library... such cool art produced by all the entrants... including winner Beatrix Lostale Seizo's "Fooled" image!

(Everyone is happy and Iron Man is not required... sent home in a taxi ;)

My entry!

On now until 28th October

Kendal Library (upstairs)

Please take note that your art may flourish from reading this blog :)


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