New exhibition ‘EDIT’ by Warrington’s art graduates begins this weekend

The Gallery at Bank Quay House is a hub of art for the local community in Warrington and has always provided a platform for artists and art collectives to showcase new work. So the new show titled ‘EDIT’ by graduates from Warrington Collegiate’s Art Diploma is a first chance for these new artists to be seen by a wider audience.

Underpinning their studies, the use of paper, screenprint, watercolour, embroidery, textiles and ceramics all feature in this exhibition. You can quite accurately say an edit of all the combined
knowledge and learning they’ve garnered.

There’s definitely an overall theme of home or even a touch of interior design implied from the wallpaper-inspired prints of exotic parrots by Selena Wright and the stylised eyes of Emma Richardson. The idea of textiles incorporated into screenprints continues with Faith Fogg’s vintage-esque flower prints, Jodie Cunliffe’s geometric paper & textile collaged piece to embroidery layered anatomical prints on fabric by Nicole Royale. Chantelle Croxford’s mass-enveloping paper display complete with typewriter dominates in the centre and utilises paper in various guises including the written word.  

Leaving room for more paintings, watercolours and ceramics, there's fragile paper cut-outs to imposing ceramic-based sculptures. The main floor display is a woven rug hiding mysterious ‘ceramic intestines’ curling out from under it. Positioned nearby the oppositely delicate imprints of long-grass and leaves by Maddie Kirk.

On until 2nd August 2016
Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm

The Gallery at Bank Quay House
Sankey Street
Warrington, WA1 1NN

Please take note that your art may flourish from reading this blog :)


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