Fostering the exchange of ideas & artist collaboration at MSB2015

I was so excited when chosen to be a part of the MSB2015 (Manchester, Sheffield and Birmingham) exchange. 

If you're not aware of the exchange, its been organised by Castlefield Gallery Associates in Manchester, Bloc Projects in Sheffield and Extra Special People in Birmingham. The idea behind the three-part residency exchange focuses on providing artists with opportunities for making work in quick, experimental contexts. It helps develop conversations with other practitioners who specialise in different practices (painting, assemblage, film, performance, etc) and opens up opportunities for potential collaboration. 

"The series of residencies is designed to develop the practices of the participating artists by providing them with critical input and opportunities to experiment, collaborate, develop their networks nationally, make new work and exhibit."

Castlefield Gallery Associates scheme, Manchester

From my point of view, the exchange would allow me to further explore into the reaches of city landscape enabling me to try out experiments in ‘reassembling’ the landscape.

I was also really keen to get additional feedback on how to develop this work and getting extra help to study and analyse the inner dynamics of our ‘shifting landscape’ would be invaluable. And this has been the case as its kept my mind open to further possibilities in extending my ideas and I've already come up with new ideas to try in the next exchange. 

It's mad how work flows pretty much straight away in the Third Floor Project Space as I began making preparatory sketches loosely based on the surrounding area, 'traces' of the buildings started to emerge in my work. I quickly created a relief cast of the old brickwork onto a modern piece of transparent grey plastic and by the next day I had done four small quick-fire etchings onto partially spray-painted perspex.

Utilising the unique features of the building we were working in also gave me tremendous inspiration in the presentation of these works. Most of them were hung from the old pipes above our heads. The shadows that were then cast onto the wall when the evening sun shone into the room were amazing and added to the effect of layering that I was trying to create with these works.

It was great to watch and speak to all the artists involved and it's an environment I haven't had the pleasure of being in since having my studio. Connecting with them personally and professionally, these worlds are so entwined they become blurred, having fun and 'playing' with an infinite supply of ideas and possibilities. The work generated by everyone was astounding in the one full day we really had to ourselves and I can't wait for the next part taking place this week in Sheffield.

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Thanks to Third Floor Project Space:

The artists exhibiting will be: Peter Bourne, Sandra Bouguerch, Sophie Bullock, Roger Bygott, Claire Davies, Niall Gormley, Lisa Denyer, Rachael Hand, Jane Lawson, Rebecca Ounstead, Helen Stratford, Claire Tindale and myself.

Hard at play :)

The third part of the exchange takes place at Stryx in Birmingham from 3rd to 7th August.


Please take note that your art may flourish from reading this blog :)


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