Mesmerising ‘Metamorphosis' & Chester Open 2015

The dizzying feats of organising a large Open competition is not to be underestimated. Just one look at the Royal Academy’s enormous feat is enough to give you shivers. Albeit on a much smaller scale, the Grosvenor’s exhibition is a welcome triumph. Co-ordinating such a diverse selection of works by local artists wouldn’t have been an easy task and the overall effect captivates you. 

There are the usual suspects to be found in portraiture, abstraction, landscape, illustration, drawing, printmaking and sculpture. 

A few favourites chosen by myself and Pete (my boyfriend and artistic partner-in-crime) included Lynn Bass’ “Sophie of Todmorden” a hint to the past but with a thoroughly fun and modern portrait subject. For its vivid colour I loved Stewart Kelly’s “I’m Getting Candy”, an acrylic painting on glass. Through to the completely different atmospheric mixed media piece of Richard Keogh’s “The Tree”. Last but not least I was mesmerised by the intriguing sculptural work “Letting Go” by Pauline Parsons. 

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'Letting Go'
On the far left "Sophie of Todmorden'
'I'm Getting Candy'
'The Tree'

To put even more fire in your belly you need to go and see Frances Disley’s new exhibition ‘Metamorphosis' upstairs. Combined with the Grosvenor’s own permanent collection, it makes for an eclectic kaleidoscope of style, approach, colour and material experimentation from etching, photography, sculpture, painting, screen and lino print techniques. 

Disley’s overriding experimental style still strikes out on its own accord even when they are sat next to the museum’s own modern art collection, including some really cool abstract works. The exhibition delivers an interesting juxtaposition when her vivid art is so blatantly put next to a series of classic 19th century etchings. Underlying notions of process and transformation are expanded even further here - in the thinking behind Disley's art and then also in the way the exhibition has been presented to the public.

The Grosvenor Museum 
27 Grosvenor Street, 

Grosvenor Museum's 11th Open Art Exhibition
On to 17th June

Frances Disley: Metamorphosis
On to 19th July

Please take note that your art may flourish from reading this blog :)


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