G'day from Australia - the land of opportunity & contemporary art

From Crosby to Australia. Having been away for almost an entire month in the glorious continent known as Australia. It's probably surprising to hear that I'm back at all seen as it would be so easy to continuously explore its stunning vistas, exotic wildlife, endless beaches and stretches of rainforest.

If you've not had the chance to visit Australia yet then the trip alone between Sydney to Melbourne took around 600 miles to complete. Even though you could do this in 18 hours straight we decided to take our time over a lazy 8 day period. By the way, this 600 mile journey pretty much equates to driving the length and breadth of the United Kingdom... John O'Groats to Lands End. So you can only gawp at the sheer enormous scale of Australia and why there are still parts of it waiting to be discovered!

During my time there, my boyfriend Pete and I took in a variety of museums and art galleries, from the story of colonisation (pretty grim) at The Rocks Museum and the history of the indigenous Aboriginal people, war photography series of the ANZAC remembrance to the latest contemporary art exhibitions including the State Library of NSW's 'Pulp Confidential', Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art's new 'Light Show' and Melbourne's National Gallery featuring the stunning new landscape works by John Wolseley in 'Heartlands & Headwaters'.

Over the next couple of weeks I plan to write about the main shows I saw as well as post an array of photographs. Hopefully you might find a new artist who really inspires you. Seeing an array of international contemporary art next to Australian art, I would say that the majority of Australian art has been completed over the last fifty years. So very much a new concept for them and it seems good timing as the British Museum in London launches its new show into the indigenous art of Australia!

Here's a sneak peak...

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