Escape the giant swarm of ants at The Lowry, Manchester

I first gave you a sneak peak look at Columbian artist, Rafael G√≥mezbarros's installation of giant ants 'Casa Tomada' last month after visiting the extraordinary performance-led exhibition curated by Akram Khan.

Now its complete, it's still a great pleasure to see. Imagine a large scale invasion of killer ants climbing up and down the walls, clambering under and over metal beams before descending to eye-level so you can see them face-to-face.

Obviously, they're not killer ants and they're not moving all over the walls and ceilings frantically trying to get out of The Lowry building (thank god). However the effect is still astounding and it demonstrates how effective an installation piece can be translated both across generations as well as countries, to transmit an effective, but a very real, subject of immigration. Hordes of humans crossing lands, regions and massive geographical zones, either through choice or more likely through war, loss and displacement. 

Individually the large ants have handmade skulls... non-frightening though so don't worry about scaring your kids. On top of each other, they have an incredible cumulative effect of legions of 'bodies/citizens/race/culture/identities' escaping through a maddening assault down a long, narrowing corridor where treading the 'bodies' next to you rather than be the last one out becomes a matter of life and death.

A powerful work of art.

'Casa Tomada'
The Lowry
Sat 24 January - Sun 26 April

Please take note that your art may flourish from reading this blog :)


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