My Arty Wish List for Santa this Christmas

If only I could get my hands on these quite exceptional goodies. From trying out new experimental mediums to well-trusted favourites. Packed with images, this is my drool-licious go-to wish list for Santa this year!

Schmincke soft pastels 
This is what dreams are made of… how fabulous would it be to receive this huge set of 400 extra soft pastels in every colour imaginable.

Khadi paper
They make the most amazing handmade papers from their paper mill in India. A long list of well made, stunning exotic paper you can imagine from rag and flower, himalayan, colour lokta and sun hemp papers. 

Encaustic Cadmium Colours set
I would love to play around with these encaustic paints. Working with a beeswax-based painting medium would be so exciting as you need heat to work with them. Lots of happy mistakes to be made.

Artograph digital art projector
On a more practical level it would be mega handy to have a projector. Not only would it help with composition but I could also project images of my work on gallery walls for exhibitions. This is a deluxe model and I’d be happy with a secondhand one off Ebay.

Winsor & Newton oil bars
Mmmmm oil paint in a bar that I can use just like a crayon… soft, malleable and high quality pigments.

Screen Printing set
For the experimenter within me I’d love this handy screen printing kit so I can layer up my prints at home. The ideal starter kit.

Faber Castell Polychromos Pencils set
Once again another item of my dreams. Can you imagine opening this beauty of a box on Christmas Day and having the lovely option of deciding which of the 200 coloured pencils you’ll use first. Decisions, decisions…

So yes Santa, I’ve been a very good girl this year!

(Thanks to the brilliant Jacksons Art website and blog for great inspiration!)

Please take note that your art may flourish from reading this blog :)


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