Creating your perfect studio space

What? A space where you can be creative... sounds like a great idea.

Whatever it is you like to get your hands dirty doing, from crafts, pottery, jewellery making, painting, decoupage to origami, having a place of your own for all your 'bits and bobs' makes having a studio the perfect space.

So whether you run a business from home or in a dedicated studio area then its fundamental to have your own desk and storage space for all your important documents and files. Making sure you have adequate cabinets, drawers, shelving and 'knick-knack' holders for everything is key. A tidy studio equals a tidy mind remember! If you're based at home then really don't be afraid to close that door and keep out any distractions... peace and tranquility is so important.

In my own studio space the first essential requirement I looked for is a lot of natural light. Being near to a large window with plenty of room to place my easel and a desk space for paints, palettes, sketchbooks, pencils, brushes, etc. Another element is knowing that I don't have to worry too much about messing up the floor but this usually means laying down newspaper or a rug if I'm at home. It's also best to make sure you have room for large canvases and paper as space can become mega cramped if you're having to squeeze past old or ongoing works of art.

Good chairs are an important consideration (don't forget them or your back will hate you!!). Plus when you're working alongside other artists you need to be considerate of their space too, remember if you're using strong smelling solvents or paints and playing loud rock music (oops!) Following these points, good ventilation is absolutely necessary. A sink too where you can wash your brushes and empty your dirty water jars.

I can't imagine not having an inspiration board or a wall where you can put cool pictures, photos, magazine tear-outs, art show postcards and exhibition opening flyers to keep your creative momentum flowing.

Make sure everything is easy to grab and that your essentials are on-hand... including your mug and teabags!

P.S. A nice view definitely counts towards a 'Brucey Bonus'!

Please take note that your art may flourish from reading this blog :)


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