UK's top graduate talent on show at the Bloomberg New Contemporaries, Liverpool

I wasn't sure what to expect on entering the Bloomberg show but like anyone I'm always excited by the prospect of seeing so many new works by this year's new crop of graduate talent.

Since 1947, Bloomberg has supported the most promising emerging talent from British fine art schools and this year over 55 artists were chosen from 1,400 submissions. So to be part of this 55 is an amazing opportunity for these people. Previous exhibitors have included Damien Hirst, David Hockney and Bob & Roberta Smith to name a few.

As part of the Liverpool Biennial, the World Museum is playing host to the exhibition which comprises of a huge array of painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, video, audio, performance and installation works. I was interested that there was a majority of video installations all the way around the show which must surely demonstrate the influence of digital and the use of technology in our present time.

Stand-out pieces for me included the two imposing sculptures by Ian Tricker called 'Flux'... amazing 'fluid' molten-metal forms that look weightless to the eye. Another metal-inspired set of paintings were a series using aluminium paint that I really liked juxtaposed with searing orange slashes. Other interesting pieces were the quirky pictures by Katie Hayward... of elongated heads and exaggerated bodies as well as her wind-blowing 'Pillars II' sculptural installation is a treat. Plus who can forget he mega-lithic panel structure of multiple screenprints 'We're all very disappointed' blindingly welcoming visitors into the show and the amusingly funny dancing video by Victoria Grenier in her wooden Crocodile slippers...

For me it's all about the sculpture. I pretty much love most of the ideas, concepts and techniques used to produce such a dynamic array of clever, visually arresting pieces. The materials used are perplexing, vibrant and stimulating... I could look at them all day long, wandering, wondering and dissecting them from every angle. The judges (and artists) have come up trumps here.

On til the 26th October

Alice Hartley 'We're all very disappointed' - Screenprints

Matt Copson 'Renyard with a vengeance' - Projection and audio

Miroslav Pomichal 'Mismatched Couple'

Ben Zawalich 'Riki Tikki Tavi'

Melissa Kime

Andrea Medjesi-Jones, Aluminium pigment and acrylic on linen*

Andrea Medjesi-Jones series*

Emily Motto, 'Parasite'

Katie Hayward, 'Thought' *

Katie Hayward, 'Pillars II' - Wind sculpture*

Adam Wallace (Cardboard, plaster, collage and images)

Gallery view

Ian Tricker 'Flux' sculpture 
Ian Tricker

Victoria Grenier, 'Banana Split' video & 'Slippers'

Please take note that your art may flourish from reading this blog :)


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