Let's look at... The Manchester Contemporary 2014

Back with a bang this year was the annual Buy Art Fair and the Manchester Contemporary.  Now situated in the Granada Studios buildings, it showcased many of the regions galleries and talented artists. It was great to be surrounded by like-minded people who want the best for a thriving local art scene.

There were many interesting exhibits ranging from original paintings, prints and sculpture. By far the most exciting aspect was the Manchester Contemporary show featuring new works by artists from across the country, but with a plethora coming from the North West. Exciting, raw, dynamic paintings really caught my eye from the 'pixel' led landscapes by Ray Martin (Bureau gallery), endearing cartoon strip paintings by Emma Talbot (reminiscent of Tim Burton - Domobaal gallery) and the exquisite figurative works by Rafal Topolewski (The International 3 gallery) who explores painting by bending the rules of realism... very cool!

So once again here's a selection of photos I took at the event and you'll be able to see the three artists I have mentioned in particular. At the end you'll also find a list of these gallery links.

Rafal Topolewski

Emma Talbot

Emma Talbot

Ray Martin

Rafal Topolewski

Works selected by The Castlefield Gallery


Please take note that your art may flourish from reading this blog :)


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