Finding the 'art' in something wherever you go

My wandering nephew!
I just love these pictures I took of Arley Hall and its stunning walled gardens at the weekend whilst babysitting my two year old nephew! I intially set up 'Illustrating an Arty Life' so I could show all aspects of not just an artist's life, but how anyone can impart art into their lives.

These photos herald the start of a continued love affair of mine for wild flowers, scented herbs, mysterious walls, twisting iron gates, tumbling ivy and secret gardens. Always a massive lover of stories such as Alice in Wonderland and films like Sinbad, I'm hoping to infuse my love of wonder and mystery into a new series of abstract artworks.

Arley Hall is a little gem, not far from Northwich in Cheshire. I'm sure you'll have your own little haven of garden magic not too far from where you live. I also love Ness Gardens in Chester but Arley feels way more intimate and 'secretive'!

Arley Hall

Secret gardens...

Funky angle of Arley Hall!!

I adore this iron gazebo!!

Please take note that your art may flourish from reading this blog :)


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