Featuring world-famous artist Martial Raysse at Centre Pompidou

I've taken a bit of time since coming back from le tres chic Paris to write about the Centre Pompidou and their fantastic retrospective of the rich and varied work of French artist Martin Raysse. As it features so very highly in mind that I haven't felt ready to share the glory of his work until now!

So a bit about the Pompidou itself. What a place. We all go on about the Lourve but this gallery is all about the contemporary and modern side of art... and there's no where better to go. My boyfriend and I got lost in here for hours amongst all the different rooms spanning this never-ending building. Don't be deceived by just the two floors, this is not a gallery for the fainthearted.

A few facts:

... a circuit featuring over 420 works
... nearly 180 artists, architects and designers
... from over 55 countries
... (phew they cover everything!)

We started at the top and worked our way down which meant we spent ages gawping at the stunning views it gives over Paris. Included in the admission price and worth every penny, you can see from the furthest reaches of the city... over to the Eiffel Tower, across the river to the Notre Dame and all the way to the hilltops of Montmatre and le Sacre Coeur. There's not an inch you can't see :)

We had no idea there was a retrospective on during our trip so imagine our surprise when confronted with the works by Martin Raysse... his early Sixties paintings quite literally blew me away. I absolutely love his madly colourful pop paintings of women, and in neon and mixed media... my favourite combinations. I admire his use of cut-out collage, photographic prints, sawn off canvases, neon lights, curtain tassels, spray-painted stencils... even the odd fly stuck on here and there. His works continue throughout the 70's, 80's, 90's to the current day as he experiments with photography, video, sculpture and even more painting... here's a whole load of images to wet your appetite!

Love the collage cut-out coming off the canvas... plus the fly on her forehead

Integrated photographic print... whitewashed

Kiss me quick darling... why you're glowing...

Loving the sawn-off canvas!

Simple yet totally effective concept

Me in front of his 'amazing' paintings ("amazeballs" hehe!)

Extensive mixed media on this one

An image was projected onto the smaller white canvas... great idea!

Like the way it cuts-out of the painting


Please take note that your art may flourish from reading this blog :)


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