Day 2 - Advanced mixed media with acrylic, ink and oil

Day 2 touched upon more creative mixed media techniques including image transfer (both PVA
glue/white acrylic and acetone methods), tissue paper etchings, carbon paper drawing transfers and letter stamping.

This was followed by the use of highly pigmented inks and Brusho which intensified my colours substantially. A demo of acrylic painting in thin washes was applied initially in order to deliberately draw out all of the patterned mixed media areas. A really handy tip I learnt was to sand off any paint where you had a raised or varied surface so the texture would really shine through.

Further demo's towards the end of the class focused on Oil Bars (interesting stuff as I've never used them before) and oil paint. The consistency of Oil Bars completely differ from normal oil pastels as they are completely solidified oil paint giving a totally smooth, shiny finish. They can be used to rub over texture, smudge in as well as more traditional oil painting approaches.

Tomorrow I will post some brilliant mixed media books that I discovered today and found really useful.

So here is another selection of images from todays session to wet your artistic appetite...

Acrylic washes over gessoed tissued paper base

Fabric texture

Acetone image transfer

PVA glue/White acrylic mix image transfer

Tissue paper etching

Carbon paper drawing demo (with watercolour)

Collaged elements/Roof sanded down to show more texture

Oil Bar sample: left textured and rubbed in

Please take note that your art may flourish from reading this blog :)


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