Get an instant fix with spray painting madness

As part of an idea for an upcoming art show I thought the use of found materials such as this wooden pallet would be a perfect medium for leaning against a wall and hanging two (or four) small canvases onto.

Of course, there are some people who may not be pleased about the upcoming prospect of my using their lawn as the backdrop to my spray painting ventures. Undeterred, I ventured into the realms of spray painting madness as once you get going, well, believe me you can't stop. Plus trying out my new Liquetex spray caps (fat, 'super' skinny and standard) I was in my element.

Starting off with a lovely coating of yellow cadmium paint, followed by a heavy spritz of neon orange (extreme colour warning needed here!!), a few dabs and dashes of cadmium red, another spluttering or two of the yellow and then a super skinny swirly squirt of turquoise blue for a final graffiti effect.

Unfortunately the offending grassy area has now been designated a special flag-esque symbol in aid of the World Cup matches. Perhaps if I 'trim' the now neon-orange grass I might just get away with it. Though I now have the right-hand shakes after pressing down on the spray cans so hard, so be warned that holding a pair of scissors may be a difficult task... be continued!

Next up will be my V&A review on M.F. Hussain painter-extraordinaire, dubbed the 'Indian Picasso'. Bookmark my blog page now to keep up-to-date with interesting reviews and arty features.

Please take note that your art may flourish from reading this blog :)


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