Staring at a blank canvas

'Blankety blank'

A tad melancholic blog about the woes of staring at a blank canvas that I've repainted and now need to restart... where do I begin... what should I paint... will it be any good?

So to help me get past this mental block I'm going to break it down into small baby steps...

1. Get out my thumbnail sketches
2. Load up my chosen primary research.. aka 'photographs' of Rhodes
3. Decide which four to start off with (I like to do several at a time)
4. Start sketching out the initial compositions onto canvas
5. Mark out which areas are meant for texture, e.g. moulding paste, wallpaper collage
6. Ready, set, go...

Fingers crossed!

Please take note that your art may flourish from reading this blog :)


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