Major artist competitions 2014

Northern Contemporary Art Show 2013

I've easily gotten frustrated at the hard task of finding a definitive list of artist competitions in the UK. This is my attempt to remedy this and make it easy for all us emerging and established artists to go to a one-stop-shop PDF for all the major artist competitions in the UK.

I will keep updating this throughout the year as we go on and please get on touch if you see any extra competitions that should be added to the list.

Enjoy and good luck!


The Royal Society of British Artists
Excellence in draughtsmanship
Deadline: 2/Jan/14

Oriel Davies Open 2014
Deadline: 13/Jan/14

The Waterside Open 2014
Deadline: 19/Jan/14

Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize
Representational painting competition
Deadline: 29/Jan/14

Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour
Deadline: 30/Jan/14


BP Portrait Award
Deadline: 3/Feb/14

UK Coloured Pencil Society
Deadline: 5/Feb/14

The Open West
Deadline: 10/Feb/14

Royal Academy Summer exhibition
Deadline: 14/Feb/14


International Print Bienniale
Deadline: 3/Mar/14

The Pastel Society
Deadline: 20/Mar/14

Society of Women Artists
Deadline: 27/Mar/14

Patchings Open Art Competition
Deadline: 28/Mar/14


Great Sheffield Art Show
Deadline: 1/Apr/14

The John Ruskin Prize
Deadline: 7/Apr/14

Liverpool Art Fair
Deadline: 10/Apr/14

‘Open up North’
Open to artists from North of England
Deadline: 13/Apr/14

Royal Society of Portrait Painters
Deadline: 14/Apr/14

Hertford Society Open Exhibition
Deadline: 26/Apr/14 (Hand-in)

‘The Great North Art Show’
Ripon Cathedral
Deadline: 30/Apr/14


Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year
Deadline: 6/May/14

Guild of Aviation Artists
Deadline: 11/May/14


Royal West Academy of England
Deadline: Jun/14

The Sunday Times Watercolour competition
Deadline: 2/Jun/14

Royal Birmingham Society of Artists
Deadline: 4/Jun/14

National Exhibition Wildlife Art
Deadline: 5/Jun/14

Derwent Art Prize
For works created in pencil
Deadline: 9/Jun/14

Exeter Contemporary Open
Deadline: 13/Jun/14

Derbyshire Open Art Exhibition
Deadline: 13&14/Jun/14 (Hand-in)

Chelsea Art Society
Deadline: 16/Jun/14 (Hand-in)

Neo Print Prize: 2014
Deadline: 16/Jun/14

Jerwood Drawing Prize
Deadline: 16/Jun/14

Society of Equestrian Artists
Theme of ‘The Horse in Art’
Deadline: 23/Jun/14

Whittingham Riddell Fine Art Competition
Deadline: 30/Jun/14


The Threadneedle Prize
Figurative painting competition
Deadline: 3/Jul/14

The National Open Art Competition
Deadline: 6/Jul/14

The Royal Society of Marine Artists
Deadline: 24/Jul/14


Griffin Art Prize
Deadline: Aug tbc

The Society for Graphic Fine Art
Deadline: 8/Aug/14

Beep Wales International Painting Prize
Deadline: 15/Aug/14

Society of Wildlife Artists
Deadline: 21/Aug/14

The Aesthetica Art Prize
Deadline: 31/Aug/14


ING Discerning Eye competition
Deadline: 6/Sep/14

The New English Art Club
Excellence in draughtsmanship
Deadline: 9/Sep/14

Shropshire Open Art Competition
Deadline: 19/Sep/14

The South West Academy
Deadline: Sep or Oct/14


Royal Institute of Oil Painters
Deadline: 9/Oct/14

A. M. Parkin Drawing Award
Deadline: 17/Oct/14


The Royal Cambrian Academy
Deadline: Dec/14


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