Trialling new Google Glasses in Manchester art gallery

It was an interesting day for me last week when I joined an experiment at Manchester art gallery trying out the new Google Glasses technology. I couldn't wait to get my hands on one of the new eye sets and try them out, particularly as it was based in an art setting. I wanted to see what sort of information it would give me when I tried to view one of the gallery's paintings...

Me at Manchester Art Gallery
As part of the trial, I was initially shown how to use the new technology and believe me it was crazy getting used to talking to the eye set, giving it instructions alongside swiping and tapping the side of the headset. Plus it was extra weird looking at the mini screen projected onto the glass lens. After a few go's I soon got used to it and was flicking my way through the options pretty easily. When we came to the George Stubbs painting, there were slides to show information about the artist, the painting itself, followed by more specific anatomical details about the animals. This could probably go on and on when it has full internet access. It will also help to lead you round to other paintings of interest as well.

Overall it was great to use and I can't wait to get hold of one of them myself when it is properly launched. It may sound a bit daft but you definitely get a sense of Star Trek when you put them on! The only 'slight' issue is the fact of whether you are actually 'looking' at the paintings and viewing the artists work, their brushstrokes, lines, shapes, blending of colours, etc or just looking through a screen which is telling you all the information about their work rather than actually seeing it right in front of you.

Hmmm anyway, I do think it will be a useful addition to the gallery experience, just like audio headsets are, and then, just wait until we're all walking around with them on out on the streets and in cafes!!

To be launched in the UK at the end of the year... you've so got to try one! Here's the link to Google's website if you'd like to find out more.


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