Grayson Perry's woven tapestries... 'What class are you'?

I haven't enjoyed an exhibition as much as the one recently featured at Manchester Art Gallery and soon to be at the Walker Art gallery in Liverpool this Summer. How privileged are we that the fantastic Turner Prize winning artist Grayson Perry has completed a set of six massive (and I mean humungous) textile tapestries that look like huge tactile paintings, would be as wonderful as they are.

Perry is a law unto himself. He captures the meaning of colour, dynamism, texture combined with social culture idiosyncrasies in a fun, easy to understand way that will allow us average Joes to follow his storyboard tales of success and woe in a modern age setting. One that we can all follow as it resonates through our own lives. From working our way up the ladder (socially and career wise), marrying into different families and social classes, having children, buying a better arsenal of cars and gadgets to impress our family, friends and neighbours. Each tapestry exudes additional narrative by funnily integrating text into the woven pictures, winding their way around the main characters like a snake coiling itself around its prey.

I also personally love the historical references that Perry has carefully researched. Clear references can be made from illustrations made in the 18th century, based on a central character who also works his way up the classes only to die alone of horrible disease in a mental asylum.

If you haven't yet made it then I highly recommend a visit to the Walker and as you wander around you can decide for yourself... what class are you?!

Photo taken of Grayson Perry (from The Telegraph's article 10/06/12)


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