Arty sketchbooks galore... not just one, two or even three

You may laugh at the prospect of a pile of sketchbooks all on the go at the same time... but yes I do and I love them! In fact the higher the better. Its an absolute must for any artist and as they come in so many styles and designs you'll never be short for choice.

From A1 pads to tiny handbag notelets, they can be spiral, gummed or hardbound, consist of cartridge, watercolour, acrylic/oil paper of different thicknesses depending on what you need it for. Which leads me to the most exciting benefit they all offer... really, really exciting ways to paint and draw. Plus never being short of ideas, I also need plenty of space to write down ideas, doodle cool mind maps and make traditional to-do lists. I like to cut out and staple in random newspaper cuttings and funky magazine articles, interesting exhibition reviews, show postcards and leaflets... the list is endless.

Sketchbooks are an artists immediate go-to for recording any and all types of inspiration, and even this doesn't have to be solely art related. I often spot colourful home, garden or quirky travel pieces that I want to cut out and keep... you never know when it will come in handy. I may not utilise them straight away but just to be able to flick through them any time I want to will spark off more ideas for future paintings.

So, to give you an idea of all the sketchbooks I have on my 'roster'...

A2 sketchbook - bigger for life drawing classes, straightforward cartridge paper
A3 sketchbook - the perfect size for sketching especially when doing series of thumbnail sketches
A5 notebook - full of cut-out articles, art competition deadlines, new projects of interest
A5 spiral - another one related to my painting class at the Bluecoat in Liverpool, full of cool artists
A5 textile bound - one for my personal goals and strategy, full of mind maps and ideas
Handbag sketchbook - a blank sketchbook ideal for on-the-go sketching when I'm out and about
Tiny notelet - a lovely small flick-up pad for daily/weekly to-do lists

There's definitely plenty to go around and when they're full up

I'll grab the next one. I don't throw away any of my bigger sketchbooks as they make brilliant reference material. Before I forget, there's always the sketchbooks you need for when you go on holiday and you can see a previous blog I've written on painting abroad.

Phew, perhaps getting those shares in Paperchase is a good idea!!


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