Exploring mediums... the magic of screenprinting and painting combined

Having done a recent printmaking class in basic screenprinting techniques, experimenting with different cut out shapes, placement (or registration) on the screen and the art of layering shapes and colours. I was further intrigued to see how I could work into my samples with watercolour, acrylic, ink pens and oil pastels. As an artist I am always wanting to explore new and magical combinations that can lift a painting to new depths.

So here is a quick results test and I'd be interested to hear your feedback on which one you prefer. There are pro's and con's with every technique and I guess screen printing, in my eyes, tends to be a little flat. Perfect for posters etc but I love the rich, fluid textures and original mark-making that paint gives you.

Acrylic (inc glazes) version... and my favourite!

Watercolour (pencils) version

Oil pastel and ink pens version

Original screen prints


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