Hei from Finland

Art in Finland, artists in Finland... Probably not the first country you come to think of when you think of art. Finland is not devoid of art like you might suspect however! They take great pride in the arts and crafts here, from fine art to traditional weaving.

Finland itself is nestled inside the long straight of Scandinavia, pinned dramatically inbetween cool Sweden, old world Tallin in Estonia and the mighty sovereign of Russia. I find myself arriving in
Kaivopuisto (Fountain Park) in Helsinki
Helsinki, a small, friendly city which has been influenced in architecture by its neighbouring countries. With no skyscrapers, it retains a low-key informal touch missing in so many places. Before long I was travelling through the countryside to make my way to my final destination in the Finnish lake district. I would be staying at an artist residency for almost a month alongside other international artists of all disciplines and stage of career. The idea behind an art residency is to be free from distraction so you can focus all your artistic vision on painting or creating documentaries. Some take inspiration from a different landscape, people and way of life. Other artists may choose to finetune a project they have already started back at home.

Haihatus allows artists to rest their senses, live simply yet comfortably and breathe in the cold fresh air as you ponder amongst the beautiful lakes and quaint wooden houses. The absolute silence that greets you is loud and clear for you can get no more peaceful than wandering around narrow forest footpaths which lead you to a treasure trove of picture perfect inspiration. So yes, its a little quiet but for all the sketching, painting and testing out all my crazy ideas through the day (and night) its hard to not be impressed.



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