Looking to nature for true inspiration

Like everyone else I love wandering around the park, taking the dog for a walk, whether its cold and breezy to warm and sunny. I simply love nature! Its all around us and to ignore it is to not feel relaxed and at one with yourself... its meditative "aka" 'really good for you'.

I wanted to write a short blog on the gorgeous changing colours of the seasons. Autumn is truly upon us and with it the trees are blossoming in a different way, not flowers but amazing multi-coloured leaves.

Just look at these eye-popping reds, coppers and golds against the lush yellow-greens of the other leaves and grass. Complementary colours at their best.

Then take this photograph I took of wild mushrooms growing in my nearby fields. Their fleshy, muddy browns and luxurious creams and greys. Once again pictured alongside the fertile green grass, a masterclass in harmonious (analogous) colours. So serene and comforting aren't they.

So yes, very obvious to any painters out there. Inspiration surrounds us all of the time. And like many artists we just love to look out of the window, take a deep breath, a sip of our tea and gaze out onto a bevy of inspiration. One of the simplest, yet greatest pleasures we have in our paintbox!


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