From the countryside, to the art studio

A couple of blogs ago, I wrote about the practicalities of sketching and painting whilst abroad. Integrating art into your holiday needn't be a difficult task, its easy to explore the nooks, cranys and alleyways of scenic places, discovering a gorgeous spot in which to set up.

So next up are my thoughts on transferring those sketches to the canvas in your studio back home...

Not only is it important to have painted and sketched various scenes in situ, also having a bank of photographs to refer back to you when you're back at home is paramount. It really helps to be able to trigger those valuable memories, the sights and sounds of the countryside (or wherever it is in the world you are).

On my recent trip to Andalusia, as I travelled through the countryside from town to town on either the train or bus. Literally, I was taking photos through the windows of these moving vehicles so I didn't miss out! I knew this would give me plenty of material for potential compositions (painting layouts). Once I got back home, I was able to download them all, pick out my favourite images, then transfer my chosen layouts onto my primed canvases.

Giving thought to the underlying texture of these paintings was another important consideration, as well as the colour scheme of my landscapes. One of the things that blows me away with the Andalusian scenery, are the multitude of white houses that are nestled in-between mountains, trees and endless fields.

Waking up to a kaleidoscope of colours. Living there must feel like you're immersed in picture-book scenery every single day of your life and there's nothing more satisfying too than using those initially inspiring sketches towards your final paintings! See below!

Hilltop mountain view of Ronda, Andalusia 


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