Drawing away from home... making the most of your holiday

It's so easy to grab a few pencils, fineliner pens, box of pastels, a watercolour pan set, plus some paper and a few brushes. In fact, just bringing yourself plus a pencil and some paper is absolutely fine!

As an artist, to draw and paint everyday is our way of life. So it also makes sense to be able to this whilst abroad on holiday too (maybe not always mind if you just need to lie comatose on a beach for seven days!). Its a great way to relax and truly take in a view or place, and it generates truly amazing inspiration that you can take back home, perhaps reinvigorating your current work or giving you the impetus to start a new series of paintings based on your trip.

Materials are lightweight, so all you need is a bag to keep everything together and one that's sturdy enough to carry around. I use a simple canvas bag for all my artist bits and pieces. Prior to leaving, I even cut off the bottom of a small water bottle to use as a handy water container!

On my recent trip to Andalusia in Spain, I utilised parts of my day to simply soak in a view, whether it be of the mountains or in the shady areas of an Old Town. Ordering myself a cold beer. at the same time. Maybe a few olives! Then get out my sketch pad, pens and paints. It was as easy as that. My travel partner was just as happy to paint too so the two of us got carried away for a couple of hours at a time taking in the quiet sounds of the countryside enveloping us. If you're with a non-painting partner, then they can simply read a book or magazine, or watch and slowly take in the views themselves. You don't have to spend all day to do a few sketches, I personally love to do several quick-fire drawings. Then you can always move onto another spot (and you're partner won't ever get bored!).

A selection of my work can be viewed at www.saatchionline.com/JenniferD


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