Triple the hard work

Yes I've painted large canvases before, and a Tryptic (three canvases forming one painting) really appealed to me as it would no doubt look great for an upcoming art exhibition that I have planned soon.

What I didn't realise is the considerable amount of actual planning involved than what is usually needed. Not only in terms of composition (difficult as hell as there's an overall painting to evolve and keep in check over three canvases). Colour palette decisions (I started out with good intentions and a baseline of colours that I could add white tints too in order to gain a more muted effect. However this went out of the window as soon as my own usual colour 'explosions' occurred within my head and I guess its the age-old technique of using high, mid and low tones throughout the canvas-es to achieve a good effect). Then there's a matter of texture (creating reliefs in the works so that they maximise attention throughout each piece and give coherence)... And this is only so far! I am currently a quarter into this finished tryptich of paintings.

In addition to these constantly arising questions, I am extremely focused about creating/developing my own very personal visual language. At the end of the day I really want to be able to OWN my paintings and say yes, I did that. These questions do this, they ultimately make me really and truly think about what I want to do next and what's jumping out to me as an area to build upon.

So as the title of this blog suggests, who would have known that painting a tryptich could be such hard work) yes, the meaning of tryptich slightly gives it away and so its a good job that I absolutely love a good challenge. I will post pictures of this almighty painting soon...

You can view a small selection of my most recent artwork at as its a new avenue for me to sell my paintings (thanks in advance, oh and sorry as there may be a slight chance you have read this before as I wasn't quite sure how to use Blogger until a week ago ;-) )


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