Life drawing is such a fantastic tool

There's no better way to improve your drawing as an artist. Life drawing is fundamental to any well thought out composition - figurative or not, as it improves your understanding of scale, measurement, balance as well as tone and colour.

I would admit to anyone that I don't always have the patience to be exactly precise and detailed when I do my drawings from a life model. Once I get into my element (after the first few super fast five minute practice sessions to get my work flowing) I love to be very expressive. Even though the model isn't moving, I feel the dynamic flow and energy of their pose move into my work. Personally, I find it also helps to keep changing the media I use, from charcoal, pencil, ink, pastels or watercolour. Whatever your preference, keep in your flow and just go with it.

From the bold lines in my drawing... dynamic mark-making... brilliant colour... it absorbs me and I really love what I create. I think that's the best policy with your work. To try new things. Get up and take a different view. Experiment with different media. Get up from your board and use an easel instead. Go take a look at what everyone else is doing. Grab ideas and use them in your own work. Get into your flow and you won't fail to love what you do!

Here are examples of some of the life drawings I have done recently...


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