Distinctive drawing is the name of the game

There's no need to be afraid of drawing from a live model. It's an exhilarating experience, even from your seat or easel.

I love life drawing. Now, that is. As it wasn't always the case. When I was first considering going to a class I was absolutely terrified of turning up. Not only the scary thoughts of seeing another grown (probably much older than me) man or woman take their clothes off and be completely nude in front of me. It also meant that everyone would be able to see my work and openly give their feedback on it. What if i was rubbish at it. I knew I needed lots of practice, I was new to it of course. So some of my main worries were if I would be in a class surrounded by experienced artists. Would it be the right learning environment for me. I was keen to learn though and so I eventually plucked up the courage to go to a lengthy three hour class where they would help me to master the basics and become competent.

So definitely, like anything you need to start taking your first steps. Like I have just mentioned, I was initially pretty frightened about attending one of the sessions. Then I went and once I'd gotten over my involuntary silent giggles, I could happily draw away until my heart was content!
It wasn't long before I got over any kind of internal (or external... ahum red cheeks) embarrassment. I soon, if not instantly, saw the life model as a subject to be drawn. Not only looking aesthetically, but also technically. Usually a class will involve a series of quick sketches before a couple of longer timed poses. A really helpful, friendly tutor is a godsend. I needed their guidance particularly at first when I was learning the basic techniques of measuring and composition. Now I am several classes down the line and its absolutely fundemental to all my drawing. One thing you quickly learn is that you never stop learning and continually improving your skills.

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