Be unique its what sets you apart

Well, if you've happened across personal development articles, motivational videos and all kinds of inspirational stories, then you'll be pretty much used to hearing quotes and phrases intended to set you apart from everyone else. And quite right they are too. But unless it hits home. Really grabs you in the very centre of you, then nothing will ever 'stick'.

As this is an art blog I won't go too deep with this (ha!). Let's just suffice to say that being distinctive shouldn't be a chore. It should light up your life, from the mundane to the exciting. Why should demonstrating how great you are to whoever you come across be a lame idea. It wouldn't be fair on you (or everyone else) to shy away from showing who your true self is. I see drawing as an extension of this, just like some people may see writing or sport as an extension of themselves. Its another opportunity for them to really shine. I find that i'm inspired to draw the craziest of things, from green-demon people wanting to bite off someone's head (urghh yes!!!), through to the simplest illustrations of birds or my brother's pet dog, Misty. It's the perfect outlet to express your emotions, interests, people or animals around you. There's an endless supply of potential drawings all around, and that's not even including your imagination. Basically, there are no limits!
If you're increasing confidence in your illustrations, then you're happily gaining footholds in developing your own style. This is of key importance in being a successful artist. Take mini steps forward. Try new things. Believe in your own style of drawing. Know (or get to understand) what works for you. This will undoubtedly help you to maximise your potential.

My first picture is inspired by the genius of Lesley Barnes.
(Apologies if you've read this article before as I hadn't quite worked out how to use Blogger properly... until now!)


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