Art must be in your heart to sell it

What an amazing day yesterday! I had organised to have an art stand called 'Art Collective' featuring eight different local artists (friends of mine) from all around Cheshire to sell a piece or two of their work at the Stockton Heath Festival in Warrington.

Thanks to the lovely organisers
Fab to see my art on sale!!

Luckily for us, all our hard work paid off and I ended up getting some brilliant feedback from all the visitors looking at the artwork on sale. 

With the help of a few friends (and my lovely mum) we managed to sell eight pieces of art by the end of the day! Everyone had such kind words to say and amongst them was that the sheer amount of colourful, unique work blew them away!

Still for sale... a snip at £45!

I think the most important lesson I learned (apart from that putting together a colourful art display is paramount, making sure you have clearly marked pricing and also to have a chair on standby so you can rest your weary legs!) is that there is no hard sell required. Not that I would have done that anyway!

No, what is paramount is a love, desire and belief in your work (and the other artists work too) that we have created something special. And that someone out there would see that too and love a piece of art enough to want to hang it in their home.

And what a great feeling that is.

Here is a small selection of art still for sale that visitors particularly raved about. If you would like to buy any of them, please contact me at And if you were at the Festival and would like to know if your favourite piece is still available to buy then I'd love to hear from you!

'Tree of Life'  £85 with frame!

'Our magnificent mountains II'    £50 (canvas)


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