My first blog... and welcome

I have been thinking of creating my own blog for a while now and wondered... will I have anything 'constructive' to talk about. Here and there, thoughts and ideas have popped into my head and now as I sit down and write these words, it is the perfect platform to show you all the art I am working on, from beginning to end. My colourful canvases, crazy illustrations, expressive drawing, as well as top tips... well at the very least, what not to do. I may even pluck up the courage to do some demo's and duh duh duhhhhhh... maybe even upload a video!

As with anything this is all experimentation (not quite Weird Science but close enough). A matter of trial and error (bring your towel... fans of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy will take note).

My main aim is to document all the work I'm creating, putting all the random thoughts and ideas I have into one place... I figure its better getting it all out on paper (or screen) rather than have it all jingling and mingling around in my head. Simply becoming a better artist along the way. Which I reckon is what we all want. So let's have fun on our journey together!


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